The European Quality in Social Service (EQUASS) is an initiative of the European Platfom for Rehabilitation (EPR)

EQUASS aims to enhance the personal services sector by engaging service providers in quality,continuous improvement and by guaranteeing quality of services to service-users throughout Europe.

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EPR workshop on quality in social services

The EPR workshop on quality in social services, provided with support of the EasI programme of the European Commission, took place on the 8th of June 2016 in Arad, west of Romania, and was attended by 40 persons. The event was hosted by EPR partner Fundacia ASPIS, a non-government actor in services to adults with disabilities and vulnerable populations in Arad and Vladimirescu.

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EQUASS Learning Community - Piloting phase

The EQUASS Learning Community (ELC) concept has been piloted in Estonia (October 2015) and Lithuania (February 2016) and will be piloted in Norway (June 2016) and Portugal (TBC 2016). The community is evaluating the pilot events and reporting on them.

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Latest publications

ICQEM Paper - EQUASS Assurance Certification: The View of Pioneer Adopters

On the 2nd International Conference on Quality Engineering and Management the paper "EQUASS Assurance Certification: The View of Pioneer Adopters" was presented. The paper examines from a practitioner’s perspective the European Quality in Social Services (EQUASS) Assurance standard. In particular, it analyses the adoption motives, the internalisation of the standard, the impacts, the satisfaction and the renew intentions.

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Annual Report 2015

We proudly present the EQUASS Annual Report 2015 which gives an overview of both the activities and results of EQUASS during the last year. It highlights some of the challenges in operating a European quality system. The results presented in this report are encouraging and reinforce our commitment to engage social service providers in quality and continuous improvement.


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ISSUU version

Database - EQUASS certified organisations

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