As part of its ongoing framework agreement with EaSI, the European Union’s Programme for Employment and Social Innovation, the European Platform for Rehabilitation (EPR) has tasked the EQUASS unit to study on the topic “Rights and Ethics in Practice in European Social Services of General Interest”. This report will showcase diverse practices that have a verified and sustained impact on the lives of persons served.

As part of a restructuration in the scope of agencies depending from the Ministry of Social Affairs in Estonia, the scope of activities for Astangu Vocational Rehabilitation Center (commonly referred to as Astangu) is been reshaped. A few years ago, a Centre for Quality in Social Services had been created as a part of Astangu. The Centre, led by Keiu Talve, has the objective of supporting the promotion, development and co-ordination of quality in social services in Estonia. (read more...)

Happy new year to all!

Please find below the new documentation for the EQUASS 2018. A dedicated page for all #EQUASS2018 documentation will be created later this month.

EQUASS2018 Principles Criteria and Indicators

EQUASS Assurance 2018 Principles, Criteria and Indicators

EQUASS Excellence 2018 Principles, Criteria and Indicators

At this link, you will find an infographic of the main findings from the 2016 study conducted by Pr Nuno Melão, lecturer at the School of Technology and Management of Viseu of the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu (Portugal), where he teaches several management related subjects to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

jpegInfographic 2016 study

Earlier we announced the publication of the ICQEM paper  "EQUASS Assurance Certification: The View of Pioneer Adopters". 

We are honoured to announce that this paper won the "Best Paper Award" issued by the European Academy of Business and Management Economics. Congratulations to Nuno Melão on winning the award!

You can read the announcement article here

PDF version of the paper