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Ressource (Info) center

A ressource center for persons with disabilities provides all sorts of information to a person with a disability and their family to support them. This center may help them identify the public sector agencies that are responsible for the services that they need, the eligibility criteria to obtain specific ressources and support services, how to fill in the various forms, and the service providers that can help them in their daily life.

It may also provide ressources on understanding the disability diagnostic thay they or their family member has received, to understand their rights, and the related research and existing support groups for them.

The ressource center may also do outreach and preventative activities to educate the community on disability issues, identify the members of the community that could be eligible to receive their support, or inform pregnant women about the factors that pose a risk to their child's in-vitro development.

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Cabo do Soito, 3200-901 Lousã, Portugal

Category : Vocational Services, Disability Services, ...   -   Coordinator: EQUASS LLH
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