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Associação Portuguesa para a Qualidade (APQ)

APQ is a membership based non-profit organisation, founded in 1969. Its purpose is to promote and spread knowledge and experiences in the field of Quality Organizational Excellence, as well as practices that lead to increase the productivity between organisations in Portugal. APQ is recognised as the leading non-governmental institution on the Portuguese quality movement.

It has about 2200 members, covering organisations from various sectors and dimensions, public and private, and a wide number of auditors, consultants and quality managers.
APQ is also a Sectoral Standardisation Body in the field of Quality Management, responsible for three Technical Committees - Quality Management, Conformity Assessment and Risk Management.
It is the National Representative of EOQ - European Organisation for Quality, the National Partner Organisation of EFQM - European Foundation for Quality Management, the National Member Organisation of the FUNDIBEQ - Iberoamerican Foundation for Quality Management and World Partner of ASQ - American Society for Quality .
APQ is authorised to operate EQUASS Assurance certification programme in Portugal.


Contact details:

APQ - Associação Portuguesa para a Qualidade
Serviços Centrais
Pólo Tecnológico de Lisboa
Rua Carlos Alves, 3 - 1600-515 Lisboa
Tel: + 351 214 996 210
Fax: + 351 214 958 449

Web: www.apq.pt
Email: carla.cunha@apq.pt




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