Capacity Building

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As an expert on the issue of quality in social services, EQUASS can provide a broad range of tailored information services to inform service-providers, local license holders and European public authorities about the EQUASS approach on quality, the requirements for EQUASS certification and the auditing and certification process EQUASS can contribute to information sessions, seminars and conferences and participating in various national and international events.


Individual consultancy services

EQUASS can provide knowledge and expertise in implementing the EQUASS requirements for certification in organisations of social service providers.

We can provide consultancy services including:


Advice and support

Offering support and advice to EQUASS Local Licence Holders, applicants and public authorities throughout Europe.

Internal training

We can develop and deliver training sessions or specific workshops just for your organisation and its staff.

Special projects

If you have a project to enhance the quality of social services in your area, get in touch with us so that we may see how we could collaborate

Test audits & Self-Assessment for Service providers

We can support you in carrying out a test audit on the performance of the social service provider on the EQUASS criteria and indicators and provide you with feedback. We can also facilitating a self-assessment process for social service providers on their current performance against the EQUASS criteria.


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