EQUASS Auditor Training

Potential EQUASS auditors will learn how to assess and verify the performance of the Social Service Provider on the criteria for EQUASS certification.

Trainings are regularly organised throughout the year, and last four days for new auditors.

A typical training programme includes:

  1. How to interpret the elements of the EQUASS standard: Principles, criteria and indicators
  2. Information and practical exercises about how to assess the performance of the Social Service Provider on the EQUASS criteria
  3. The fundamentals of the EQUASS certification programme
  4. The EQUASS certification processes and procedures
  5. Case studies: Review of documented approaches, results (including preparation of the initial site visit)
  6. Calibration of individual case-study-results through benchmarking
  7. How to conduct interviews during the initial site visit
  8. How to write an audit report as result of an external assessment


There is a pre-selection of candidates who would like to participate in an EQUASS Auditor Training. Have a look at the Auditor Profile to see whether your profile would fit, before registering to any of our auditor training sessions. Once you have been selected to participate in an auditor training, you are expected to do some preparatory work. You will be informed about this via email.


To become a recognised EQUASS auditor you have to:

- complete an auditor training fully and sucessfully

- perform a shadow-audit with an experienced auditor and write a report on this experience


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