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The 4Quality! project is a European project funded by the PROGRESS Programme. It started in October 2014 and will last until April 2016. Within the aim of contributing to the improvement of working conditions and of quality of personal care and household services, the 4Quality! project intends to:

  • supports a European dialogue on the quality of jobs and services in personal care and household services through a partnership representative of the variety of workers and services employers;
  • develops knowledge and looks at how working conditions, quality of services for person-centred care, professional qualifications, quality of life for services users and workers, economic and financial crisis influence the quality of jobs and services in the personal care and household service;
  • raises awareness among important stakeholders at the European and national levels, through a transnational network, on the issue of quality of jobs and services in these sectors;
  • contributes to the advancement of policies and legislation in the area of household and personal care services;
  • provides practical tools for household and personal care services local providers in order to improve quality of work and quality of services.

 The specific objectives of the project are:

  • to establish an analytical grid to assess the current situation on qualifications, quality of jobs and services in household and personal care services in 11 EU Member States and establish  criterion on trends for success and transferability of good practices;
  • to establish a mapping in the 11 countries based on the analytical grid (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy,  Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom);
  • to identify good practices and define ways to transfer successful tools for improved services and working conditions;
  • to organize transnational meetings to discuss the issues and needs linked to the quality of jobs and services, across sub-groups of professions, across types of employers (private for profit, private not for profit, public) and across countries, strategically chosen for their public policies;
  • to establish recommendations for improvement for policy makers at local, national and European levels thanks to the policy oriented research works;
  • to exchange information, good practices and the results of the project.

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4Quality website: http://forquality.eu/


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