EQUASS 2018 Documents

On this page, you will find the EQUASS 2018 standard, its procedures and translations, as they become available.


pdfApplication form (version 1412): currently available with English, Dutch, French, Portuguese and Norwegian text - more languages to come

Important note on the Application form:

This form can only be opened/completed with a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. With other PDF readers/viewers, it will show an error message starting with: "Please Wait..."

1. Make sure you have an updated version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC installed on your computer. It is a free program/app, available in several languages. Click Change next to the world map icon in the lower left hand corner of the page at the link to select your country/language of choice.

2. Save the PDF file in one of your local folders

3. Open that file you just saved with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.



pdfEQUASS Assurance 2018 - kvaliteedisüsteemi protseduurid

pdfEQUASS Assurance 2018 Põhimõtted Kriteeriumid Indikaatorid 



pdfEQUASS 2018 Principles Criteria and Indicators

EQUASS Assurance 2018 Principles, Criteria and Indicators

EQUASS Excellence 2018 Principles, Criteria and Indicators

pdfEQUASS 2018 Assurance Audit Procedures202.39 KB



pdfEQUASS Assurance 2018 Prinzipien Kriterien und Indikatoren371.78 KB



pdfEQUASS Assurance 2018 Principes, Critères et Indicateurs310.69 KB




pdfEQUASS Assurance 2018 Principai, Kriterijai ir Rodikliai451.04 KB



pdfEQUASS Assurance 2018 Principios Criterios e Indicadores



pdfEQUASS 2018 Assurance Principes, Criteria en Indicatoren352.10 KB



pdfAssurance 2018 Prinsipper kriterier og indikatorer

pdfProsedyrer EQUASS 2018 Assurance



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