EQUASS Estonia becomes national center for the Quality of social services

The EQUASS Local Licence Holder in Estonia, Astangu KRK, now has a new mission: National Center for Social Services Quality for Estonia (Sotsiaalteenuste kvaliteedi keskus).

Its core objective is the social sector stakeholder awareness of quality matters, and the development of competent and effective services.

The Center will do this through the following activities:

  • Information and development seminars, trainings of various stakeholders to raise awareness of quality
  • Dissemination for EQUASS' Quality Assurance programme, and support for implementation
  • Studies and analyses to support quality developments
  • Development of instructional materials and methodologies to create a more integrated understanding of the quality of social services
  • Collaboration with the different stakeholders in order to set and reach common goals
  • International promotion and development of the Estonia quality initiative

This Center is supported by the European Social Fund in Estonia (ESF).

Contact persons:
Keiu Talve - Center Manager
Maarika Aro - Development specialist
Triin Vana - Senior trainer

E-mail: eesnimi.perenimi@astangu.ee


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