APPACDM Viana de Castelo certified with EQUASS Excellence

Congratulations to the Associação Portuguesa de Pais e Amigos do Cidadão Deficiente Mental (APPACDM) de Viana de Castelo in Portugal, which was awarded with the EQUASS Excellence quality mark on the 31st of August 2015. APPACDM de Viana do Castelo was one of many Portuguese organisations that had participated in the Arquimedes programme funded by the European Social Fund, with the aim of becoming EQUASS Excellence certified.

APPACDM de Viana de Castelo has over 300 staff across the Minho-Lima area and serves over 500 persons, providing social responses, vocational training and residential services for persons with intellectual disabilities, aimed at promoting the well-being and quality of life of the users, and their inclusion in the community and the job market. APPACDM de Viana de Castelo extended the audit to 10 locations and 17 satellite services, with a total score of 65.

Here is the full list of centres audited and certified end of August 2015:

Ursulinas (CAO/AR)
João Barreto (CAO/AR)
CAT – Seixas (AR)
Valença (CAO/AR)
Monção (CAO/AR)
Melgaço (CAO/CFP/AR)
Ponte de Lima (CAO/CFP)
Ponte da Barca (CAO)
Cabedelo (CAO/AR)

CAO = Centro de Atividades Ocupacionais
CFP = Centro de Formação Profissional
AR = Área Residencial


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