EQUASS in Morocco

The EQUASS unit of the EPR has been selected by Handicap International - Maghreb division to contribute to its project “Support to the Quality Improvement and Sustainability of Social-Medical Services in Morocco”. Funded by the OCP Foundation, the project will last four years (2015-19) and aims to develop the capacities of 5 pilots by implementing a quality system based on the CRPD and good practices of management.

The pilots will also receive ad-hoc support in training their staff and management in the various tools and practices identified in their improvement plan.

EQUASS will be supporting the project between October 2015 and May 2016, by training the managers and professionals of the 5 pilot centres in the use of a Quality approach, in understanding the EQUASS standard, and in performing their very first self-evaluation. The 5 Pilot centres provide a wide range of services: educational, occupational and/or medical services to children, young people and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, persons with sensory and mobility impairments and persons with autism.


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