The comeback of an EQUASS Local License Holder in Norway!

EQUASS welcomes another Local License Holder in its family!

EPR with EQUASS Brussels office and Promenaden Kongsvinger AS from Norway have signed a contract on 9th May 2018 to establish a Scandinavian EQUASS Local License Holder (LLH). Besides the Norwegian market, the LLH will also represent the Danish and Swedish markets.

Promenaden is a well-known organisation in the EQUASS community. Their manager is an EQUASS expert, who has been providing trainings all over Europe and a help-desk for the Norwegian market.

The LLH will focus on meeting the needs of the Norwegian and other Scandinavian social service providers in implementing EQUASS and in promoting EQUASS in the social services sector.

The Scandinavian LLH will start its responsibilities in August 2018. The coordination of the audits will start in September. All audits planned until September this year, will still be coordinated by the EQUASS Brussels office.

A Local Licence Holder is an organisation that has an agreement with EPR to promote the EQUASS system in their own and possibly neighbouring countries. At the same time the LLHs in different countries advise EQUASS Brussels office in designing a better future, taking the trends and signals from the local markets into account.

Currently EQUASS holds LLHs in the following countries: Portugal, Slovenia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany and a national representation in Greece.


Contract Norway LLH