EQUASS Core Group

The EQUASS Core Group met in Brussels, Belgium on 15 and 16 April 2013.  The composition of this advisory body of quality experts, originating from EPR members, owners of the EQUASS system, has been reshaped in 2013 and now includes three new members.

  • a representative from GREP (Kompetanseutvikling Grenland AS) in Norway, Ester Thunes
  • a representative from Josefsheim Bigge in Germany, Hubert Vornholt
  • still a representative from Rehab Care in Ireland, Michael Crowley 

DSC 0322Hubert VornholtMichael Crowley

The agenda was focused on brainstorming new consultancy and training products, and improving the quality of existing external consultants trained by EQUASS. The participants also discussed the expansion plans of EQUASS and the upcoming marketing study to determine where promotion efforts will be concentrated in the years to come. The meeting fostered recommendations to be submitted to, and taken up by the EQUASS Awarding Committee and the EQUASS Management Committee.