Our recognised consultants

The EQUASS Consultant training programme teaches consultants how to support and advise organisations throughout the implementation of EQUASS criteria and the EQUASS certification process. This programme applies to both EQUASS Assurance and EQUASS Excellence certification programmes.

A focus of the training is to guide consultants in their understanding of the social sector and the relevant human rights founding documents behind its approach, as well as a presentation of Quality Management in a wider context, and the interactions of EQUASS with other systems.

The consultants that complete this training programme, receive the mention of EQUASS Recognised Consultant and see their name published on our website. Additionally, their names will be offered to prospective clients that are looking for a consultant in their country.

EQUASS recognised consultants have received traning covering:

• The social service sector and its quality management systems

• The EQUASS implementation strategy

• The implementation of human rights principles for vulnerable groups in social service provision

• The sustainable maintenance of a quality system

• The outcome measurement and benchmarking techniques

• The preparation of the EQUASS application (EQUASS Assurance and EQUASS Excellence)