EQUASS Documents

On this page, you will find the EQUASS standard, its procedures and translations, as they become available.

The Application forms are downloadable in PDF here. For the Word-version of the Assurance Application form,contact your the Local License Holder of your country or in case there is none, the EQUASS Brussels Office (equass@equass.be). To find out whether your country has a Local License Hoder, click here. For the Word-version of the Excellence Application form, contact the Brussels Office.



pdf EQUASS Assurance application form 03-19 GERMAN


pdf EQUASS Assurance application form 03-19 ESTONIAN


pdfEQUASS Assurance application form 05-20

pdfEQUASS Excellence application form 05-20

pdfEQUASS Principles Criteria and Indicators 05-20

pdf EQUASS Procedures 05-20


pdfEQUASS Assurance application form 03-19 GREEK



pdfEQUASS Assurance audito paraiškos forma 03-19 LITHUANIAN



pdfEQUASS Assurance Formulario de Candidatura 03-19 PORTUGUESE


pdfEQUASS Assurance application form 03-19 NORWEGIAN



pdfEQUASS Assurance application form 02-19 SLOVENIAN


Certification System

EQUASS certification offers impartial and formal recognition of meeting the European quality requirements. EQUASS Assurance and EQUASS Excellence are based on the same Principles for Quality, with EQUASS Assurance being a stepping stone towards achieving the EQUASS Excellence level.

EQUASS Principles for Quality


EQUASS Quality Framework

EQUASS 2018 Documents