Signo Dokken AS

Reference: NO2023-011
Type: EQUASS Assurance (2018)
Certification date: 2023-07-20
Expiration date: 2026-07-20
Scope of Services: VTA og AFT
Number of Service Users: 30
Number of Staff members: 8
Overall score:

Address: .J. Brochsgate 16A, ,
5006 ,
Contact Person: Rita Steckmest Sivertsen


Signo Dokken AS is a part of the Signo Foundation.

Signo is an independent freehold diaconal foundation within the Church of Norway. Signo is a non- governmental, non-profit foundation. 

We provide sheltered work and work assistance for hearing impaired, deaf and deafblind persons in cooperation with NAV, the Norwegian employement service.

To us the impact of the Latin word “Signo” is “I’m signing”. We use sign language and various alternative and supplementary communication.


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