Inko AS

Reference: NO2018-032
Type: EQUASS Assurance (2018)
Certification date: 2018-05-16
Expiration date: 2021-05-16
Scope of Services: VTA og AFT
Number of Service Users: 139
Number of Staff members: 41
Overall score:

Address: Stangnesveien 51,
9487 , Hinnøya,
Contact Person: Annette Ekman



Inko AS is a company that helps people, who for some reason have fallen out of work, being included again. Inko As prepares them for work by letting them exercise on typical work-situations and establish some permanent individually organized working conditions.

Description in native language:


Inko AS er en Arbeids- og inkluderingsbedrift som har varig tilrettelagt arbeid (VTA), arbeidsforberedende trening (AFT) og anbud.


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